May 31, 2017   in Industry News

Barakah Unit 1 is the first of four reactors being built at the Barakah site. Construction started in July 2012 and the overall project, including construction, testing and commissioning of systems, is now over 95% complete.  Unit 1 is now scheduled to start operations in 2018 and ENEC aims to deliver all four reactors in accordance with international safety standards by 2020.

The reactors under construction at Barakah are four of sixty units under construction worldwide. The global nuclear industry’s Harmony target calls for the construction of 1000 GWe of new nuclear build by 2050. Agneta Rising said;

“These four reactors will be among the first of 1000 GWe of new nuclear capacity that must be built worldwide so that nuclear energy can supply 25% of the world’s electricity needs by 2050.”

Press statements from the World Nuclear Association

Source: Press – World Nuclear Association