May 21, 2018   in Industry News

From Investing News Network:

Speaking at last week’s International Mining Investment Conference in Vancouver, Nick Hodge, founder and president of the Outsider Club, said he is “as bullish as ever” on uranium.

“For me … it’s ‘when,’ it’s not ‘if,’ and so I’m patiently waiting,” he said. “I’m happy to own what I view as quality assets — they’re in the ground and they’re not going anywhere.”

Hodge, who among other things led a uranium showcase at the conference, admitted that it has taken “longer than anyone thought” for the space to improve, but said the market appears close to equilibrium.

He believes that moving forward it will be important to watch the demand side, particularly utilities. “They follow each other, so once one starts [contracting] it … kicks off the domino effect,” he explained.

Watch the interview above for more insight from Hodge on uranium, plus another sector he’s currently interested in. The transcript for this video will be added shortly.


Source: VIDEO — Nick Hodge: I’m as Bullish as Ever on Uranium | INN