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Community Engagement

Laurence Stefan, President & COO, Alex Holmes, CEO and Ted O’Connor, Director at the grand opening of a local football field and tournament (January 2019).

In any country, and for responsible mining, it all starts with communities. For Peru, the key to a project’s “social license” is community support. The communities determine the “social license” to continue to explore, develop and operate and is the one constant that survives time. It is a key to success for Plateau.

We live and breathe a culture of being “hosted” by our communities. We are guests. It is understanding that is the driving force behind all of our community relations, social programs and successes we have achieved over the past 10 years at the Macusani Plateau. The continuity of our presence and work through a cyclical business, local employment efforts and ongoing information sharing, listening and engagement are keys to that success. It is this what has maintained community support for nearly half a generation and will be the guiding principles and key to ongoing success for the future.

No matter whether it is big or small, we need our host communities to believe in us, our projects and the future they hold. We listen, communicate and we all work together along the way.

Some of the community initiatives by Plateau Energy Metals include:

Local Employment

Employment of local community members from Isivilla, Tantamaco, Chacaconiza, Quelcaya, Chimboya, Pacaje and Coran

Skills Development

Drill road and platform preparation/construction

Camp personnel

Environmental monitoring


Safe Water

Assisted establishing water treatment plant


Loaning company owned road building equipment for local community use to improve community infrastructure


Twice yearly campaign targeting the communities we are engaged with


Sponsorship of educational programs
in local schools

Support full-time teachers and continuous training support for teachers

Festival Sponsorship

Sponsorship of local and regional festivals and events celebrating the culture and communities in the Macusani Plateau

Sports & Health

All-weather football field in Isivilla
~2 year project developing construction skills in communities


Monthly school milk program sponsorship

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